Welcome to Precision Chiropractic Clinic, Austin, TX where our primary mission is to provide you with lasting relief from your body and pain problems through natural, completely safe techniques.

Precision Chiropractic Office View, Austin, TXIf you’re looking for lasting relief from your pain problems so you can live pain free, we are your best bet for chiropractic adjustments in Austin, TX. With us involved, you don’t have to live in pain – we offer one of the best chiropractic treatments in Austin, TX, thanks to the expertise and experience of our in-house wellness chiropractic doctor.

We are here to provide individuals, families, and communities with regenerative medicine in the form of wellness chiropractic, Austin, TX.

Our Mission

At Precision Chiropractic, Austin, TX, our mission is simple – we believe you deserve the best chiropractic treatment and we are committed to treating you like family so you can live pain free. We are your friendly nearby chiropractor in the Austin, Texas area.

We use a combination of both traditional and neurostructural corrective approaches to restore your health to an optimal state. Neurostructural correction is a specialized process that must be done by the best chiropractic services in Austin, TX, in this case, Precision Chiropractic fits the bill.

Our Vision

At Precision Chiropractic Care, Austin, TX – the best family chiropractic wellness center, we have the vision to help more people experience lasting relief and live pain free regardless of their prevailing life conditions. Our techniques are focused on providing effective relief so that you can live pain free and go back to the activities your love almost like a new human. We hope to ensure that as many people as possible get to experience our regenerative medicine and body restoration.

Our Chiropractor

Dr. Russell M. Gana is a master chiropractor and a big name in Austin chiropractic care. If you need long-term pain relief and improved quality when it comes to neurostructural chiropractic care, he is your best shot at making it a reality.

Precision Chiropractic Clinic View, Austin, TXHe is easily the best chiropractor in Austin, Texas, and has done so much research and practical work on how to relieve pain using chiropractic care. He is experienced in all forms of chiropractic treatment in Austin, TX. This is where his 10 years of experience comes into play to give patients relief from body and joint pain problems.

In 2009, Dr. Russell M. Gana finished Life University after hundreds of hours of study in Neurostructural Deviation Analysis and Correction. As far as wellness chiropractic care in Austin, TX is concerned, Dr. Gana is your go-to guy for results that matter.

He is a certified American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (ACVA) fellow with over 215 hours of Animal Chiropractic courses at Parker University in 2017.

As one of the best chiropractors in Austin, TX, Dr. Gana offers a consultation session to identify what the problem is before proceeding with our specialist chiropractic care to get your body functioning again like before.

If you have any concerns, please call us at (512) 829-1549, and we will talk about how Precision Chiropractic, Austin, TX can bring you a better quality of life through our Chiropractic Wellness Center!