Do you know what is neurostructural chiropractic care in Austin, TX?

Do you know what is neurostructural chiropractic care in Austin, TX -min

When you need a chiropractic service in Central Texas, it’s important to understand that they’re two different approaches involved. There’s the traditional approach and the alternative approach which involves neurostructural chiropractic care. The traditional approach basically focuses on reducing body pain, lessening muscle spasms and improves a patient’s range of motion. These are all great but not enough for some cases. This is where the alternative approach comes in when you’re being attended to by Precision Chiropractic.

Precision Chiropractic offers both approaches but in this post, we will be telling you more about the Neurostructural chiropractic care. The first thing you must know about this procedure is that fewer practitioners practice it.

Yes, Neurostructural chiropractic care is that unique. It concerns adjusting neurostructural shifts in several join segments.

This treatment type requires that the chiropractor finds the root causes of a patient’s problems and addresses or eliminates them. It is designed to tackle any deficiencies in a person’s spine or any abnormal conditions in their spinal foundation. Like the name suggests, it involves deep work on the structure of the affected body part, which in this case concerns the spine mostly.

If or when any structural issues are fixed, the affected area can heal and any symptoms previously manifesting will disappear naturally with time. Unlike the traditional approach, Neurostructural chiropractic care doesn’t involve any forceful physical manipulation of the joints or spine.

For instance, at Precision Chiropractic, our in-house chiropractor, Dr. Gana does it differently. He employs pre and post neurostructural analysis to test and confirm if the body part he’s working on is properly aligned. While at it, he also checks the nervous system to verify that it’s functioning correctly. You can rest assured that you’re in the right hands when you visit Precision Chiropractic for a treatment procedure.

Neurostructural analysis is the core of the chiropractic . It is non-evasive and highly corrective when done right by a trained chiropractor and instructions are followed by the patient.

We are aware that not everybody would want neurostructural chiropractic care. Some individuals actually need temporary relief and nothing else. If you’re under this category of people, there’s nothing bad about it. It’s a choice thing and whatever choice you make is okay. A good number of professional chiropractors offer traditional chiropractic service in Central Texas and we can refer you to the ones we have built a relationship with. Please note that we will do this in a case where we would rather refer than handle a patient’s case.

In essence, for lasting relief and long term results, we will encourage you to go for Neurostructural chiropractic treatment. For a quick relief solution, the more traditional aspects are good enough.

If you have any concerns or inquiries, we are available to provide you with more information. Please give us a call at (512) 829-1549 to schedule a session with us.

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