Precision Chiropractic: Why Dr. Russell M. Gana Is The Best Chiropractor For Neurostructural Deviation Analysis In Austin, TX?

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With Chiropractic treatment, there’s a need to work with only the experienced chiropractic doctors. Getting chiropractic care from an unqualified professional can easily worsen neurostructural problems. This is one of our founding beliefs for starting Precision Chiropractic as our focus in on safely relieving pain without causing further harm.

Fortunately, our in-house expert, Dr Russell M.Gana is one of the 200 certified chiropractors in the world. He has done extensive study and training in this subject and knows everything it takes to deliver effective neurostrucural deviation analysis in Austin, TX.

Dr Russell M. Gana has over 10 years of dedicated service and study as an expert chiropractor treating people with neurostructural challenges.

In this post, we have discussed several reasons why Dr. Russell M. Gana is the best neurostrucutral deviation analysis. In discussing this, here are some reasons why Dr. Gana is up there in chiropractic medicine.

  1. Dr Russell M. Gana finished from Life University in 2009 with hundreds of hours of education in neurostructural deviation analysis and similar studies. This has made me the number one subject matter expert in the industry in Austin, TX.
  2. Neurostructural correction requires a high level of care and tender manipulation of the affected areas of the spine to be effective. Dr. Gana has studied and practiced neurostructural corrective work without any forceful manipulating, twisting or cracking of the spine. This treatment can only be proffered by a highly-trained expert like Dr. Gana at Precision Chiropractic. This relationship influences how an individual feels in their upper spine region. The good news about Neurostructural deviation analysis is that it helps in the effective treatment of neurostructural conditions.
  3. Dr. Gana has worked in many different parts of the world which means he has a world of experience a whole lot of experience from different parts of the world in this field. He has had missions to the Dominican Republic and Bulgaria where he brought relief to patients in need of chiropractic care in these distant lands.
  4. Dr. Russell M. Gana has a certification by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA). He has completed over 215 hours of Animal Chiropractic courses from Parker University in 2017 and also has a specialty in equine and canine care. Dr. Gana is one of the top experts in neurostructural chiropractors in Austin, Central Texas. During his research and study, Dr. Gana has noted that with consistency, patients can completely recover from bone, joint and tissue pain.
  5. Dr. Russell M. Gana keeps his life in balance by enjoying other activities that make life fun and interesting. He’s an avid reader who enjoys writings on health, nutrition, motivation and the Holy Bible. He also enjoys travel and fitness which has led him to practice BJJ since 3 years. He’s confident that with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an individual can protect themselves completely while keeping their body fit and in good shape. Dr. Gana loves kids and helps them in sports especially in lacrosse. In fact, he has successfully coached a 5th and 6th grade lacrosse team in Central Texas.

Arguably, Dr. Gana is the best chiropractor in Austin, Texas for neurostructural deviation analysis.

If you’d love to connect with Dr. Russell Gana on inquiries relating to chiropractic care or neurostructural deviation analysis, call Precision Chiropractic care here – (512) 829-1549.

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