Top 10 Tips To Ease Migraine Pain From Precision Chiropractic

Top 10 Tips To Ease Migraine Pain From Precision Chiropractic-min

Migraines can happen to anyone, at any time and while the exact cause of a particular migraine might not be known without proper examination, it’s important to know how to mitigate its effect. From eating habits, to lifestyle choices, in this post, we have listed 10 tips to ease migraine pain, thanks to Precision Chiropractic, Austin, TX.

It’s important to understand that migraines are not really headaches, they’re much worse. A person suffering from migraines will experience trouble with focus, balance, hearing, light sensitivity and nausea.

While taking drugs can help reduce symptoms, tackling the root cause is the best way to go to reduce chances of re-occurrence. This is where visiting a migraine specialist chiropractic care comes into the picture.

1.) Rest in a dark, quiet room

Light exposure increases the symptoms of migraines and even headaches in general. Certain cells known as the pain-transmitting and ipRGC cells in the body get activated by light. When you rest in a dark room, you will find out that the migraine starts reducing in effect. If symptoms persist, search for a “chiropractor for migraine near me” to visit one and get more help.

2.) Try a warm or cold compress on the neck or head area

A Cold or warm compress can reduce the sensation of pain associated with migraines. A thick, soft clothe can be used to shield your skin directly from the ice if it’s a cold compress. For warm compress, soak a soft towel in warm water, wrap on the head or neck area to cause a relaxing effect.

3.) Fill your body with water

Dehydration causes one-third of all migraine incidents according to reports from a top American migraine foundation. If an individual senses a migraine coming on, taking a lot of water could reduce the episodes greatly. So go ahead to increase your water in-take and just maybe, you won’t have frequent migraine. If symptoms persist, please visit a chiropractor for migraine in Austin, TX for professional help.

4.) Temple massages work

Having your temples rubbed and massaged can reduce migraines. Massage relaxes your muscles and soothes pain so when migraines are coming on, rub your temples or have someone do it.

Migraine chiropractic treatment might also include massages except in the case of facial conditions where the individual feels pain on the face when touched. If this isn’t the case, then feel free to massage your temples.

5.) Avoid certain foods

What you eat can predispose you to migraine attacks. Foods with nitrates, spices, monosodium glutamate, iced, beans, cultured dairy products, and alcohol can cause migraine when eating in large quantities. If you often have migraines, take a note of the foods you eat and observe how you feel after each meal.

6.) Meditation

Meditation calms the mind and subsequently, the brain as well. When you meditate, you gain control of your mind and your stress level can noticeably reduce. Focus your mind as well and eventually you might notice that you feel somewhat better.

With practice, you can master how to channel your mind to control any migraine threats. For more professional help, Precision Chiropractic offers a migraine chiropractic treatment for everyone in Austin, TX.

7.) Try certain exercise routines

Unlike what many people believe, working out will not lead to an attack. An attack could get worse if you exercise while it is on. The best time to use exercise against migraine is in-between attacks or if you sense it coming. Aerobic exercise reduces inflammation and improves cardio health which in turn reduces the incidence of migraines happening.

With regular exercise, a person can sleep better and reduce stress so that migraine occurrence becomes less. Consult with your migraine specialist chiropractic care in Austin, TX for more information on how to go about this.

8.) Lavender scent can work

Lavender scent has a calming effect which positively eliminates feelings of stress in a person. A clinical trial done on the subject of Lavender scent showed that sniffing lavender can reduce stress and anxiety, depression and indeed migraine attacks. Inhaling lavender oil for about 15 minutes can reduce the migraine effect to a large extent compared to people who didn’t take it.

9.) Book a massage session

Regular massage increases the rate of blood flow in the body and improves sleeping. With a more relaxed, well-rested body comes a reduced occurrence of migraine. Massage will sort a lot of problems, migraines included. If you would rather seek professional help, use the keywords here to get a chiropractor in your local area – “migraine chiropractor near me“, or “chiropractor for migraine near me“.

10.) Book an appointment with a migraine specialist care

Getting in touch with a migraine specialist care center in Austin, TX is simply the best option when looking to stop migraines from ruining your life. We have the best chiropractor for migraines in our team. If migraines have been making your life difficult and you’ve tried everything possible, then it’s time to visit Precision Chiropractic Care, Austin, TX.

Visit us at your convenience to book an appointment and sort out your migraine problem. While taking drugs can reduce symptoms, treating the root cause of your migraine is the only way to stop it for good. This is what we do at Precision Chiropractic Care, Austin, TX.

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