What to expect after the consultation and what is the next level of Chiropractic Services in Austin, TX?

What to expect after the consultation and what is the next level of Chiropractic Services in Austin, TX -min

For individuals, who need professional chiropractic care, the question of what next to expect after a consultation is a common one. At Precision Chiropractic, we understand this concern and have addressed it in this post.

The first step to getting relief is to undergo a consultation session with a chiropractic doctor. Consultation will involve questions being asked, in some cases a slight physical examination and some tests can also be done. Sometimes, a potential patient might decided they want a more detailed approach which means they may go for a comprehensive Neurostructural Examination.

A Neurostructural Examination can be carried out as soon as the patient wants it or immediately after the consultation session. Some patients would prefer to schedule at a future date when it’s more convenient for them. There are really no hard and fast rules when it comes to a Neurostructural Examination.

It’s important to understand that when you go for a consultation, it will mostly involve a discussion or should we say, an inquiry session by the doctor to know about your problems.

With us at Precision Chiropractic, there’s no pressure or commitment to receive care or any form of treatment unless you expressly request for such. This decision is entirely yours to make and we will stick to it all the way.

The Neurostructural Exam is comprehensive and detailed which means it will take some precious minutes, upwards of 30 minutes to run through it.

Below are what to expect during your Neurostructural Examination in the best Chiropractic in Austin:

Atlas Displacement Complex Detection

This examination is used to check the Atlas vertebrae section for any disorders. With this procedure, you’d know the cause of incessant problems in the neck joint area. If after an Atlas Displacement Complex Detection, it’s found out that your atlas requires readjustment, Precision Chiropractic provides a painless readjustment procedure to give you lasting relief from neck pain and other associated problems.

Infrared Neurostructural Analysis

This examination involves the use of infra-red equipment including MRIs to conduct neurostructural analysis to find the root cause of spine and joint problems.

Case-Specific Orthopedic and Neurological Testing

A prospective patient can have any one of the many specific orthopaedic needs that require chiropractic care. A Case-specific Orthopedic and Neurological Testing procedure is the way out to find out the exact cause of a problem.

Specific Radiological Imaging

Generally, a Neurostructural examination aims to detect Atlas Displacement Complex aka ADC. It gives room for a more detailed understanding of what’s “normal” and a full understanding of the root cause of certain spine and joint conditions.

After an examination, you will be scheduled for a discussion where we will explain our discoveries and how we can provide effective chiropractic care to you. Finally, we will then also discuss what you can expect if you should decide to work with our practice.

Precision Chiropractic, Austin provides the next level of chiropractic care designed to provide prospective patients with lasting relief. We believe in implementing wholesome practices that have been proven to work without fail.

To get started with an examination before proceeding with a suitable treatment procedure, you must first begin with a consultation session with one of our experts.

Visit us today to get started and enjoy lasting solutions at affordable rates.

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