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Low back pain is a condition that is suffered by many people at some point in their lives. For those who are involved in sports, active lifestyle or sedentary job roles, the chances of experiencing low back pain is even higher and the need for the best chiropractic treatment will arise too.

Unfortunately, this condition can be very uncomfortable and painful and will stop you from enjoying the activities you love in your life. There’s a need to find a back pain treatment that works so you can return to the activities that you love.

Causes of low back pain include the following:

  • Poor posture from standing, sleeping, sitting, working out, etc

  • Physical injuries from accidents, playing sports, labour activities, etc

  • Stress and other similar conditions

  • Lack of proper exercise

  • Ageing and poor diet

At Precision Chiropractic Care, Austin, TX which is a family health chiropractic Austin, we are committed to treating lower back pain through a pain relief chiropractic treatment that’s been proven to be effective. Our in-house chiropractor and back pain specialist, Dr Russell M. Gana has years of experience identifying the underlying cause and potential treatment for lower back pain. He is the best chiropractor for low back pain in Austin, TX.

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If you’ve been experiencing low back pain, feel free to get in touch with us at Precision Chiropractic Care, Austin, TX for a consultation session and back pain treatment. We help patients with restoration back to their normal selves through a non-traditional approach using chiropractic care for low back pain in Austin, TX.

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