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Neck pain is a big deal to live with as it can stop you from enjoying the activities you enjoy in life. It not only affects your mobility but also affects the rest of the body connected to the spine. The neck holds up the head and requires proper handling to stay in a balanced posture as much as possible. Chiropractic care for neck pain in Austin, TX offers neck pain treatment for people experiencing this pain.

A balanced posture leaves your neck free so that its tissues and nerves are not pinched or misaligned to cause neck pain. Your nerves and muscles become affected if you’re often bent over or in a bad posture. This causes neck pain which can only be alleviated by neck adjustment by a chiropractor for neck pain in Austin, TX.

With this condition, it could be neck pain left side or neck pain right side.

The main causes of neck pain include but are not limited to the following:

Poor posture

This could be from sitting in one spot with your neck at a certain angle. A poor sleeping posture can also cause a misalignment of the upper cervical which leads to neck pain.

Whiplash injuries

This injury type happens when the neck is throw violently with the body and occurs usually in sports or a car accident. The neck joint usually shifts and neck adjustments will be required to relieve the pain and reset the spinal joints.


When we are stressed, it can cause poor posture which eventually leads to neck pain. For all your neck pain problems, Dr Russell M. Gana is the chiropractor for neck pain in Austin, TX. Search online for a chiropractor for neck pain near me.

The first sign of neck pain is of course, pain in the neck either when you’re stationary or when you try to turn your neck.

Precision Chiropractic Care, Austin which is a family health chiropractic in Austin, TX offers neck adjustment as a form of pain relief chiropractic treatment in Austin, TX. We offer a FREE consultation session for people experiencing neck pain.

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