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At Precision Chiropractic Care, Austin, TX, we are committed to eliminating any numbness challenges you have on your body through pain relief chiropractic care. Whether it is tingling in the hands or numbness in the hands, we know exactly how to go about it.

We have the one of the best chiropractor in Austin, TX and have gained a whole lot of experience in treating different types of body pain and numbness challenges. From low back pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, neck pain to a loss of sensation, you can count on our family health chiropractic in Austin to deliver what works for you.

Typically, numbness is characterized by either a loss of sensation or an acute feeling of a particular sensation e.g. tingling fingers or tingling in hands or numbness in hand or numbness on a part of the body. The exact causes of numbness could be traced to several factors but be rest assure that you need numbness treatment if this is the case.

Numbness happens when the nervous pathway has been compromised. This can be caused by accidents, injuries, or some other unknown activity. By visiting a chiropractor for numbness in Austin, TX, they can identify any possible misalignments in your upper cervical and the rest of the vertebrae causing an irritation on your nerves so you can get the best chiropractic treatment possible.

With consistent effort, the lack of sensation or feeling of tingling fingers or any other part of the body will stop. Usually this happens with increased relief of tension in the spine and correction of upper cervical subluxation.

In a test done on subject experiencing tingling and numbness, 85% showed increased relief from numbness, tingling and pain.

To get started with chiropractic care for numbness in Austin, TX, a thorough diagnosis is done by Dr. Russell M. Gana to determine the root cause of the numbness. Next a chiropractic procedure is arranged for the patient across a good number of weeks. Typically, when done right, patients will respond to treatment within the expected timeline.

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